We recently had the privilege of working with Matt Davis (of Fortress Built) to do an elaborate renovation of a facility to house our church. The 21,000 sq ft. building required significant alternations which included:

  •     the removal of internal and external walls
  •     massive electrical
  •     buildout of an audition to include cloud ceiling w/lighting
  •     furniture quality fixtures (chek-in wall, information booth, cafe)
  •     parking lot
  •     sprinkler refit

Matt was successful in bringing a cost effective approach and a personal touch that made him a great choice for this project. He was extremely attentive and responsive.

I have a high degree of confidence in him and would be pleased to recommend Matt Davis and Fortress Built for your consideration.


-Pastor Mark Bjorlo
The Journey North Church


When our Twin Cities contractor slighted us last year, we were ready to give up trust in the building business world. We had a friend that had a friend who had a great experience with an up north lakes area contractor. We called the phone number she gave us and nine months later we had the most beautiful home that we could ever have hoped for. We want to take this opportunity to thank Fortress Built and all of their associates in making this project so special for us. We are much obliged. If we could nominate a builder of the year, it would certainly be Fortress Built.
- Saverio and Inez


We are writing to thank you for your services during our renovation. With your expert assistance during the planning and construction phases, you were able to transform a structure that did not meet our needs into a home in which we can be comfortable and to which we are proud to invite our family and friends. In addition to the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we also want to thank you for listening so carefully to our goals and helping translate those into something that is beautiful and will give us pleasure for years to come. Throughout the process, we always felt like you had our best interests at heart, and it was clear that you both wanted us to be happy with the project. Your commitment to the project resulted in a home we enjoy and peace of mind knowing it was done right. Please let us know if we can recommend your services to others as we would be happy to discuss the project with your prospective clients, should they request a reference. And finally, we hope you’ll consider us as some of the “good friends” you have made over the years and wish you well as you serve the Brainerd Lakes Area.
- Adam and Heidi


I am writing this letter as a personal thank you to the builders of our home, Fortress Built. My wife and I have moved 5 times in the last 8 years and have had more negative experiences with contractors than positive until we met Matt Davis with Fortress Built. They truly stand behind their homes and both of us have been surprised with the quality and craftsmanship that they bring to their homes. Even after the completion of the home Matt has been available to answer questions on the home or to provide additional services. Thanks again for a great job!
- Brian and Emily


Matt, in my opinion, is one of the best builders in the Brainerd Lakes Area. The homes they have built are a true reflection of the kind of people they are. The attention to detail, their knowledge of the construction trade and their work ethic is what sets them apart from other builders. If you need any type of custom building Fortress Built is the right choice for you. I have highly recommended Fortress Built to all my clients with no hesitation. The work they have done for me in the past is by far some of the best designed and best built work I have seen. Matt is a fine man and I am lucky to be able to call him my friend.
- Marv Strong, Positive Realty


Now that we have finished our home and we are back to being busy, it feels like we have lost touch with some good friends. We have finally had the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy our retreat on Gull Lake. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the commitment and caring you had shown us throughout the process of building our home. As I look back at the process, there are many things you did for us, from beginning to end, which demonstrated the personal responsibility you took in our project. We did not feel as though you were building just “another home”. We felt like you were building “our home”. We feel lucky for this because we were only able to visit the site a few times during the entire process. There are many reasons why building with you was a great experience. In fact, I did not even know the words “building” and “great experience” could be used together in the same sentence until we started working with you. The list is long, but I thought I would let you know why we appreciate the work you did for us. You helped us (held our hand) through a challenging approval process with the city, you were on-site always, you communicated to us what was going on, almost daily, the workmanship of the contractors was superb and they were accommodating. You turned issues that were challenging into positives. I was particularly impressed with your knowledge of options we had when it came time to make decisions on the plan or when something came up that you thought we should know about. Your responses to our requests were quick and uncomplicated, you took a common sense approach to your work. You were flexible and listened to what we wanted and you were on time! Overall there was a level of trust that we had that made us feel comfortable. We did not have to worry about things getting done right. Best of all, you were respectful. It seems like once a builder gets a job, all the things you liked about the builder disappears and it becomes a one sided process. This was definitely not our experience with you. It was actually the opposite. Once you started, you made sure we were completely happy with every step along the way. Even after we were done, you have been quick to respond to our additional requests. We look forward to building again with you in the future and thanks for a pleasant experience.
- Steve and Karen